Help Boost Your Credit Score

With Rental Credit Reporting

Rent payment is typically not reported to credit bureaus, which can affect your ability to establish good credit and receive lower interest rates when you apply for a car loan, credit card or mortgage.

When you enroll with Resident-Link, you’ll receive on-time rent payment reporting as a credit tradeline along with credit monitoring, social security monitoring, lost wallet protection personal recovery assistance and more.

See Fast Improvements* to Your Credit Score by Signing Up Today!


Rental Reporting
Rental Reporting
Rental Reporting
+ RapID PRO Plus
Suggested Retail Price $4.95 / month $9.95 / month $14.95 / month
Discounted Resident Price $1 / month $6.95 / month $9.95 / month
One-time Set-up Fee $0 $3.95 Waived
Rent Reporting to Experian
ID Theft Protection
Credit Monitoring qr_code qr_code



1 Tenant Paid Rental Reporting is ONLY available in CA, all other Properties will have still access to 2 & 3 above * TransUnion calculated an average of increase of 19 points during initial three months for residents signed up to Resident-Link. ©2021 Fraud Protection Network. All rights reserved. Resident Link is a subsidiary of Fraud Protection Network. 2021005

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